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Piano Care

Taking care of your piano

Piano requires regular care for best results, Thomsun has developed an affordable program to provide you with the services your piano needs on a regular basis.
When you subscribe to the Annual Piano Maintenance Agreement, we can provide better services, with more savings to you so your piano will consistently be a more useful and enjoyable instrument, and will remain for many years to come. The guiding principle in crafting of pianos is the desire to provide players with instruments of the highest quality. If comprehensive after-sales services are not provided, even the best instrument will lose its quality advantage and become unable to deliver its full potential.


Seasonal changes in relative humidity, as well as the normal continual decrease of static tension, cause all pianos to go out of tune over time. Depending on where you live, the amount of temperature and humidity change from season to season, and how much the piano is played, your piano could need tuning two to four times yearly.
During the highly demanding tuning process, an expert technician uses a tuning hammer to carefully rotate the tuning pin around which each string is wound, causing the tension to change. Relying on his experienced ear, he then makes minute adjustments to the string tension to achieve the proper pitch.
When a piano is significantly below standard concert pitch the tone of the piano is dull and lackluster, and other instruments may have difficulty playing in tune with it.


The action is composed of approximately 5,500 fine parts. Each must be manufactured with precision so as to withstand heavy continual motion and work accurately for long periods of time. Regulation involves the careful checking of up to 1,000 different adjustment points on the piano keyboard and action mechanism. This process determines the overall feel of the keyboard and ensures that the instrument responds accurately to the pianist’s touch.


In the voicing process, the technician makes minute adjustments to the density and elasticity of the hammer felt as well as to the shape of the hammers to produce sounds with a uniform timbre. During voicing, we treat the piano’s hammers in various ways to achieve a full, clear and pleasing tone, and a smooth progression from one register to another.

Estimates & Assessments

We are always happy to recommend and discuss with you the services your piano requires to put it in the very best condition possible, or in a condition that pleases you and meets your needs. We can also assess the condition of a piano you are considering for purchase.

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